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palm facing outfield when in power position

by Jim
(Frankfort, KY)

We teach our pitchers to have the palm facing outward, what other positions should be taught this method?

Rick answered: Jim, thank you for your question.

As you look at the images above, you see they are all in about the same positioning. There is a pitcher, third baseman and a shortstop.

Hard to locate an outfield photo, seems like they concentrate on fly ball catches and diving catches.

Throwing mechanics hold true for all positions.

I hadn't heard of "palm facing outfield"; but that is where it is supposed to be. In that position, it gets the players elbow up, allowing the baseball to come out of the hand with a backspin, which carries farther and straighter.

I have worked for the Az Diamondbacks Baseball Academies, and they use a rhyme that works well with younger players...thumb to the thigh, knuckles to the sky, elbow up high. We tell them to look back, if you see the back of your hand, you are good. If you see the ball, it will be coming out of the side of your hand. Creates that same positioning.

When they have it down, it creates less elbow and shoulder problems, provides maximum velocity and accuracy.

While it is true that infielders quite often throw off some less than perfect throwing platforms, for the most part they are in the same spot, palm away.

Outfielders are almost exclusively overhand throwers, due to the distances they have to throw.

Catcher's are a shorter take up; but still on top whenever possible.

It is always good to start them out on the right track. There is only one position on a lineup card that doesn't require throwing and receiving skills, that's the DH.

Solid throwing mechanics increase your opportunity to play.

Yours in baseball,


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