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outfielder goes over the left field fence while catching the ball. Home run?

by mike

Catch for the out, ball becomes dead

Catch for the out, ball becomes dead

Mike asked: What's an out - what's a home run?

Rick answered: Mike, thank you for your question.

Rule 5.10...The ball becomes dead when an umpire calls "time". The umpire-in-chief shall call "time" - (e)when a fielder, after catching a fly ball, falls into a bench or stand, or falls across ropes into a crowd when spectators are on the field.

7.04 (c) Comment: If a fielder, after having made a legal catch, should fall into a stand on spectators, or into the dugout or any other out of play area while in possession of the ball after making a legal catch, or fall into the dugout after making a legal catch, the ball is dead and each runner shall advance one base, without liability to be put out, from his last legally touched base at the time the fielder fell into, or in, such out of play area.

A lot of verbiage; essentially the fielder has to be inside the fences, or whatever designates the field of play boundaries on that field, make and maintain a legal catch as he falls into whichever out of play area he is located at.

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