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on a double switch involving the pitcher why does the pitcher end up in the 8th sspot in the batting order

by lawrence

Lawrence asked: In a double switch involving the pitcher, why does the pitcher end up in the 8th spot in the batting order?

Rick answered: Lawrence, thank you for your question.

The double switch is used generally when a team is on defense. The manager is looking to replace the current pitcher in the game, so that he can enter a defensive replacement in the pitcher's slot in the order.

The pitcher is replaced with a relief pitcher, who will bat in the replaced fielder's spot in the order.

It is all designed to use fewer players, as well as looking ahead, the manager is able to place a position player in what is generally the 9th spot in the order, if that 9th spot is coming up in their next at bat.

Often it works out that the new pitcher goes into the 8th spot, so that he is farther away from having to bat, and possibly have to be pinch hit for. Doesn't always work out that way, and he could end up somewhere else in the lineup, that would work better for the offense.

Internal workings: 1) Pitcher(coming out, batting soon), replaced by (position player in the pitcher's spot in the batting order.)

2) Outgoing position player, batting later than the outgoing pitcher, is replaced in the order by the new pitcher, taking the outgoing position player's spot in the batting order.)

Ultimately the manager is looking to make the most of a bad situation. The pitcher is struggling and has to come out, the manager doesn't want to just change pitchers, if the starter is coming up in the next inning. He would maybe throw to a few hitters and hopefully get through the inning; but would then have to be pinch hit for.

That results in burning a pinch hitter off the bench, as well as another relief pitcher.

Yours in baseball,


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