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Obstruction on lead off of 2nd base

by Bill
(Clarkston, MI )

Photo Bill Stanton:

Photo Bill Stanton:

Bill asked: If the Short Stop is cutting in front of the runner leading off second base, and moves into the base path between the runner and 3rd base on his way back to his normal postion, at the same time the pitcher is doing the "inside move" the runner then breaks for 3rd because he thought the pitcher was pitching.

He runs into the Short Stop who is in the base path is this obstruction?

Rick answered: As your situation is described, it would be obstruction on the short stop.

The only scenario I can think of, where it wouldn't be obstruction, is if the pitcher threw to the plate and the ball was hit to the short stop. In that case he is entitled to his space to field the ball and the runner must adjust.

There are occasions where umpires call obstruction on the short stop for crossing in front of the runners vision, if that action is followed by a back pick attempt by the second baseman.

Seldom see it called.

Yours in baseball,


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