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OBR Rule1.14 Glove Size

by Gus Nicola
(Jackson TN)

We Have Come A Long Way

We Have Come A Long Way

Gus asked: Has OBR Rule 1.14 requiring no glove (excluding catcher's mitt and first baseman's glove) shall measure more than 12 inches long been amended?

Today's out fielder's gloves look larger than 12 inches.

Wilson make a glove called the Yasiel Puig Game Model that measures 12.75 inches. The write up from Wilson reads as follows: "The 12.75" A2000 YP66 is Puig's game glove because it lets him concentrate on what matters, getting his opponents out..."

Rick answered: Gus, thank you for your question.

I looked at the MLB standards for 2014, and they say; the glove shall not measure more than 12" from the tip of any one of the four fingers, through the ball pocket to the bottom edge or heel of glove.

Checking new rule amendments or adds for 2015, all they talk about is speeding up the game.

Looking in the 2009 Federation Rule Book, which is used for high school baseball, it says; height measured from bottom edge or heel, straight up across the center of the palm to a line even with the highest point of the glove/mitt (14 inches).

It may be Wilson just sells that as a youth model, with his name attached.

Don't feel this information is very definitive; but it is directly out of both rule books.

Yours in baseball,


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