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Mound visits

by Michael
(Nashua, NH)

Meeting At The Mound

Meeting At The Mound

Michael asked: In light of Jerry Remy’s comments about bringing an interpreter for a mound visit last night (6/6); I was wondering if MLB restricts the number of people who can visit the mound in a given visit to the pitcher?

Can 12 people go and visit the mound all at the same time?

Are there any rules on who can visit? I realize managers, coaches, interpreters, and trainers can go to the mound. Can a player, bat boy, or a non-playing person visit the mound during an inning?

Rick answered: Michael, thank you for your question.

Generally speaking, the most you might see at the mound would be six players; the pitcher, catcher, all 4 infielders. If the meeting is prompted by one of the coaches, almost always it would be just one, either the Manager, or the Pitching Coach, but never both coaches.

There is always the possibility of an interpreter as well.

Have never seen outfielders brought in on these discussions. If it is an infield strategy talk, then the infielders go back to their respective positions, and generally the shortstop and the second baseman signal to the outfield what is coming up, so they can move to backup whatever has been called.

Bat boys never. Player not currently in the lineup at the time, never. Non-playing person would be only the trainer, or trainers.

Umpires like to limit the number of individuals so as to keep the tempo of the game moving.

Coaches and managers will often use the mound visit to stall for time, particularly if they need some extra time to get a relief pitcher hot.

Yours in baseball,


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