The Ole Ball Game

Man at 1st and 2nd batter squares to bunt then swings and hits ball to short stop, who should be covering 1st?

by Kevin

Default defense runners first and second, less than 2 outs

Default defense runners first and second, less than 2 outs

Kevin asked: Man at 1st and 2nd with 0 outs.

Batter squares to bunt then pulls back and swings.

Hits ground ball to short stop.

Who should be covering at 1st?

Rick answered: Kevin, thank you for your question.

The diagram above is the basic default bunt defense, with a runner on first and second,less than 2 outs.

As soon as the batter shows bunt, the first baseman crashes, the 2b heads for first base, the SS heads for second base, the 3B reads the bunt and covers third, pitcher covers the third base side.

If the first baseman is not too far in, at the time the batter swings and hits the ground ball, he can get back and cover.

If he is too far in to get back, the second baseman is already on his way to first, when he saw the batter show bunt, and he can cover first.

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Spalding, Old Time Bat Display

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