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Just saw Adrian Beltre thrown of the game because he moved the on deck circle. What the heck? Is there a real le for that?

by Leslie Rutledge
(Fort Worth Tx)

On Deck Prep

On Deck Prep

Leslie asked: Just saw Adrian Beltre thrown out of a game, because he moved the on deck circle.

Is there a real rule for that?

Rick answered: Leslie, thank you for your question.

I don't believe there is a specific rule, could not find one in the MLB rule book.

However, I did locate a writeup on, related to the ejection you saw.

Beltre was tossed from the game after literally moving the circle closer towards home plate, where he wanted to stand while warming up for an at bat.

The Marlin's pitcher, Drew Steckenrider asked Beltre to get closer to the circle, which is how things were initiated. But, umpire Gerry Davis was not feeling Beltre's sense of humor in the situation.

Beltre was ejected for dragging the on-deck circle after Davis asked him to get in it. Beltre moved it, what looks to be 10 feet or so.

Not only was Beltre tossed from the game; but his manager, Jeff Bannister, also was tossed.

Players have always been restricted to the on deck circle, when they are on deck. Occasionally a player will attempt to get into a pitcher's head, and work their way closer to the plate, thus closer into the peripheral vision of the pitcher.

He would not have been tossed had he gotten back into the circle. Instead he dragged the circle over to where he wanted to be, and got himself tossed. The Rangers were losing big, he undoubtedly wanted an early end to his day.

Yours in baseball,


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