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Is this an error?

by Doug
(Newport News, VA)

Fielder's Choice

Fielder's Choice

Doug asked: Bases are loaded with less than two outs.

Fielders are playing in to prevent a run from scoring.

A batted ball is hit up the middle past the pitcher and second baseman is pulled to his right to field the ball cleanly.

He clearly could get the runner out at first but chooses to throw home where the runner from third is safe.

Batter reaches on a fielders choice, and in this case the fielder cleanly fielded the ball and made a clean throw...but had no chance to get the runner out at home.

Should this be recorded an error on the fielder?

Rick answered: Doug, thank you for your question.

There are no statistics for mental errors, recorded in the scorebook.

Once the 2b decided to make that throw to the plate, it became a fielder's choice.

Yours in baseball,


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