The Ole Ball Game

Is this a time play?

by T. Dobi
(Erie, Pa)

T. Dobi asked:

Runners at second and third one out. Deep fly ball to center field. Center fielder makes catch and both runners tag. Runner from third crosses plate before legal appeal at second for third out. Does the run score?

Rick answered:

Thank you for your question! It is a baseball situation which occurs more frequently than one might think, particularly at the Youth Baseball level.

Federation Rule Book: Rule 9 Art 1:

A runner scores one run each time he legally advances to and touches first, second, third and then home plate before there are three outs to end the inning.

In your scenario, the run does score, as the run scored before the third out is actually recorded on the appeal.

An instance where the run would not score would be, the runner from 2B runs without tagging, the center fielder makes the catch and throws to second base before the runner can get back, the throw at 2B recording the out before the runner from 3B could touch the plate.

Three outs, no run scored. It is about the timing in this case.

Yours in baseball,


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