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Is this a strike?

by ed pierce
(edinburgh in usa)

Batter Calls Time Out

Batter Calls Time Out

Ed asked: The batter calls TO just as the pitcher starts his wind up, before the ump gives him the TO.

The batter steps out of the box. The pitcher throws the pitch. What would the pitch be called?

Rick answered: Ed, thank you for your question.

Batter's have the right to request a time out from the home plate umpire, the home plate umpire can give him the time out, or he can choose to ignore the request.

Once a pitcher starts into his windup, umpires are generally hesitant to call a time out, as stopping a pitcher's delivery can sometimes create an injury.

Saw this very situation a couple of nights ago, Diamonbacks Vs Giants.

Pitcher took a little longer than the hitter felt comfortable with, batter put up his hand and backed out of the box.

Umpire never granted the request, pitcher delivered the ball, umpire called it a strike.

Questionable if it was a strike; but an umpire will tell you if you aren't in the box for them to judge the pitch, probably going to be a strike if it's anywhere close.

If a batter thinks the pitcher is taking too long to start his motion, he should ask for time right then, before the pitcher starts into his motion. Umpires are good about granting that time out.

Once the pitcher starts the motion, chances are no time will be granted.

In your question, if the umpire does grant the time out, at any point in the sequence, the time out stands and there would be no ball or strike call. Just a no pitch, dead ball.

Yours in baseball,


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