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Is there ever a situation where a GB to second would throw to 3rd?

Ron asked: Was thinking infield in , but they would be DP depth unless runner on 3rd then play is at home.

Rick answered: Ron, thank you for your question.

Generally speaking, it would be an unusual situation for the second baseman to throw to third base on a ground ball.

One situation which comes to mind is a slow roller, past the mound, where the 2B fields the ball; but has little or no chance to get the runner at 1B.

We work with our infielders to always come up looking for another out. If you know there is no opportunity on the batter-runner, come up and "deke" a throw to 1B, follow your fake with a hard look at 3B, to see if you can catch that runner from second in a big turn.

If it isn't there, you haven't lost anything on the attempt, if it is there you may steal an out you wouldn't otherwise have.

Getting your infielders looking for another out takes some instruction and time to get them to implement.

Once they actually experience "creating" an out in a game, they are hooked forever.

As Yogi Berra said, "It ain't over till it's over".

True as it relates to the game itself; just as true for each individual play where there is still a live runner and additional outs to be had.

A situation that comes up consistently is runner's on 1B and 2B, no outs or one out. Ground ball to an infielder, who throws to 2B for the front end of the double play.

Pivot man on the DP feels he cannot get the out on the backside, goes through with his pivot and "fake" throw, whirling around to see if he can pick the runner from 2B on a big turn at 3B.

This comes up much more often, and can be a big lift for a defense.

Most players don't come by this skill naturally, it is one to teach, work on in drills and live practice situations. It will transfer straight to the games.

When they "get it" and are looking on their own for another out, it is fun to watch. Takes their game to another level.

Yours in baseball,


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