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Is there a video of Mike Piazza covering 3rd (from his catcher's position) to retire an advancing runner?

by Kevin
(Boardman, OH, USA)

Kevin asked: I don't recall which team Piazza was playing for at the time, but I thought it may have been the best play I've ever seen a catcher make.

I coach and would love to show the clip to my catchers. The situation involved an outfield throw (from RF) which missed the cut-off (2nd baseman) so the SS had to run into the OF in an attempt to track down the ball. The 3rd baseman also gave chase.

When the runner saw no one at 3rd he took off from 2nd but Piazza beat the runner to the bag, catching the incoming throw on the run and retired the runner at third. I hope I am remembering this correctly.

Rick answered: Kevin, thank you for your question.

I was unable to locate any defensive video on Piazza. Everything is him hitting. Looked on You Tube and ran a Google search, with no success.

I do remember the play you are talking about; it was special. Fuzzy on the particulars. Your description brought it back for sure.

As I was reading through your question, it brought to mind a page on the site about pre-at bat mental preparation. I had seen this happen on TV, have not been able to run down the video on it. You might find it interesting. I tell my players about it every year.

The link to it is Derek Jeter On Deck, The Ultimate Preparation.

The story of the situation is in the third block down the page. One of the most incredible things I have ever seen, as it pertains to the Mental Game.

Good luck as you go forward. I will stay on the lookout for that video, if it turns up I will let you know.

Yours in baseball,


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May 21, 2013
I remember too
by: TC

I remember watching this play, Mike was playing for the Dodgers. It was the best play I ever saw. Its amazing that it has been forgotten. Hopefully when Mike makes the HOF it will surface. I do not think that there has ever been a catcher that could have made this play.

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