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Is the batter out when he bunts a ball that strikes the plate and bounces immediately back up and strikes the bat?

by Kevin Bennett
(Charleston, SC)

Kevin asked: The batter squared to bunt, and bunted the ball cleanly.

Before he could even get out of the batter's box the ball went straight down and hit the plate, bouncing immediately back up, striking the bat.
Batter's feet were still in the batter's box.

According to 6:05 (h) I think the batter should have been called out. Instead, the call was foul ball. What is the correct call?



Rick answered: Kevin, thank you for your question.

The situation you describe can be found in rule 8-4-1 Art 1...The batter-runner is out when:

d. After hitting or bunting the ball, he intentionally contacts the ball with the bat a second time, in fair or foul territory. The ball is dead and no runners advance.

2. If the bat and ball accidentally come in contact with each other a second time while the batter is holding the bat in the batter's box, it is a foul ball.

The difference is with intentional vs. accidental.

Foul ball was the correct call in this situation.

Yours in baseball,


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