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is the base a safe haven for the runner

by John
(Littleton, Colorado)

Bases are all within fair territory

Bases are all within fair territory

John asked: Runner on third, ground ball down the third base line.

The runner retreats to third base and is hit by the ground ball, is he ouy or safe?

Rick answered: John, thank you for your question.

Rule 8-4 Section 4...Runner is out Art 2...any runner is out when he...

k. is contacted by a fair batted ball before it touches an infielder, or after it passes any infielder, except the pitcher and the umpire is convinced that another infielder has a play.

1. If a runner is touching his base when he is hit by an infield fly, he is not out; but the batter-runner is out.

A base is a safe haven for a runner from being tagged out on a play, as long as the runner is in contact with the bag, before the tag is applied.

Since the base is in fair territory, should the runner be hit with a fair batted ball while in contact with the base,, the runner is out.

In your scenario, out or safe would be determined by the location of the infielders on that particular play.

Yours in baseball,


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