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Is it a fielders choice, sacrificeor hit

by Paul

Paul asked: A runner on 3rd with 1 out or less.

3 rd baseman is playing up for a bunt. Batter bunts the ball.

3Rd baseman fields the ball cleanly and could easily throw batter out. No one at 3rd so runner just stops.

3Rd baseman just holds the ball. If he throws to 1st the runner will score easily.

Is that considered a fielders choice, sacrifice or hit? Fielder chose not to throw batter out to prevent the run.

Rick answered: Paul, thank you for your question.

Of your three choices, you can eliminate the sacrifice, as there was no movement of a runner, nor an out recorded.

The official scorer will have to determine between a hit, or a fielder's choice.

Based on your description, if the 3B would have had no trouble throwing out the batter-runner, then the scorer would not record a hit.

It becomes a fielder's choice by default.

It is also possible for the scorer to call it a base hit, not as likely. There was an actual choice made by the 3B.

Yours in baseball,


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