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is it a base hit or fielder's choice

by James
(Florida )

Out At Home

Out At Home

James asked: Runner on second.

Batter hits ground ball cleanly through the six hole.

Left fielder comes up with the ball, throws home and gets the runner from second who rounds third and proceeds home where he is tagged out.

Is it a base hit or fielder's choice?

Rick answered: James, thank you for your question.

The batter is credited with a base hit.

For a fielder's choice to be recorded, the fielder making the play would need to have a chance to throw out the batter-runner at first base.

Once the ball got through the infield, it was a given the batter-runner would reach the base, and the outfielder would have no possible play on him,

The outfielder is credited with an assist on the runner at home, the catcher gets the put out.

Yours in baseball,


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