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Is a player allowed to simulate an umpire's call?

by Paul

Umpire Squad 1913 World Series

Umpire Squad 1913 World Series

Paul asked: Is a player allowed to simulate an umpire's call?

For example, can a catcher yell "Time Out!" behind the batter during the pitcher's windup to fake out the batter.

Or can a fielder close to a runner yell "Foul Ball!" when the hit was actually fair?

Rick answered: Paul, thank you for your question.

Only an umpire is able to call time. Players, managers, coaches can ask for "time", but umpires are not required to grant it. Strictly up to them. Shouting out time, fair or foul as a deception is not ok.

Umpires will point to show that a batted ball is fair, will verbally and physically call and wave off a foul ball.

Batters and catchers alike will occasionally ask for a time out. It is up to the umpire whether that time out is granted. Generally determined by where the pitcher is in his delivery. There is a fine line between when it is too late to call it, due to the possibility of injury to pitchers, should they attempt to stop that delivery.

Most pitchers will finish the pitch, time or no time, just for their own protection.

Yours in baseball,


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