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Is a foul ball on a bunt that is caught by catcher a out?

by Steveng
(Mt Sinai ny )

Foul Ball Caught By Catcher

Foul Ball Caught By Catcher

Stephen asked: Watching the Mets tonight a Arizona player bunting popped up, maybe 10-15 ft up.

Met's catcher turned around took about 2 steps and caught the ball. No out. No argument. No comments by the announcers. What's the deal?

Rick answered: Stephen, thank you for your question.

Any bunt, that gets into the air that high is considered a pop fly, fair or foul.

The only possibility could be that on the bunt attempt, the ball came off the bottom of the bat, going straight down on home plate, or the dirt, and rebounding up to the height you described.

If that were the case, the ball is dead when it originally touched the plate or ground, never truly became a pop up.

If the batter had less than 2 strikes, a strike would be added on the foul ball, and the at bat would continue.

It is not always easy to see, as it happens quickly. Umpires and players can tell by site, also sound. The no reaction by either would make me think the ball hit the ground right off the bat and went foul, making it a foul ground ball, not pop fly.

Yours in baseball,


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