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interference runner 2nd base

by Nijhove

Photo Bill Stanton:

Photo Bill Stanton:

Nijhove asked: Answers for runners 2nd and 3rd, base ball hit to short. Runner on 2nd hinders the shortstop.

Is the hitter also called out?

Rick answered: Nojhove, thank you for your question!

This situation is covered under Rule 5-1-1e: Interferer is out, also batter/runner if interference prevented a double play at first base. Interferer is out and so is another runner if interference prevented a double play on the latter. Other runners return to previous base.

For malicious contact, the player guilty of the interference is ejected.

In the situation you described, the runner from second base would be called out, the hitter would only be called out if there had been the possibility of the out at first being a double play, which it probably would not have.

About the only scenario where a double play would have been possible is if the runner from second was close enough for the shortstop to tag him and then throw to first to complete the double play.

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