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In High School baseball,what is the percentage of a runner getting thrown out when the outfielder misses the cut off

by David Wilson
(California )

Dodgers backpick runner off a double cut.

Dodgers backpick runner off a double cut.

David asked: In High School baseball, what is the percentage of a runner getting thrown out, when the outfielder misses the cutoff man?

Rick answered: David, thank you for your question.

I doubt that anyone, anywhere has a statistical percentage for this occurrence. Never enough help around to keep up with it.

What is pretty much a given, if they don't hit the cutoff man, or put the ball in a location where the cutoff man can adjust and make the relay throw, there is little or no chance of recording an out.

You never want to say never, as there are the times where an outfielder, with an exceptional arm, gets away with missing the cutoff, and the ball beats the runner.

Much of it depends on how deep the outfielder is when he catches the fly ball, or ground ball, as well as the actual speed of the runner.

So many things can go wrong on single cuts, and even more so on double cuts.

When they get it right, and the runner is out at home, or third base, it is a shot of adrenaline to the defense and a crusher to the offense.

Always have loved that play; big time excitement.

Yours in baseball,


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