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If the outfielder is in the act of running and misses a ball is it a hit?

by Joe DiMaggio

Joe asked: If an outfielder is in the act of running and misses a fly ball is it an error?

Rick answered: Great question and great baseball name.

A situation like that would depend upon the individual circumstances at that moment.

Did the fielder get to the ball, have it hit in his glove, then fall out? If so, probably an error.

Not an error if he did all he could to get to the ball, laid himself out and the ball just goes off his glove, or he just misses it. In a case like that, base hit.

Did the fielder get to the ball and just whiff on the catch? Error, even if he didn't touch it.

Each situation gets evaluated at that moment, based by what the scorekeeper sees, and how he interprets it. There are no exact guidelines, some what subjective.

Yours in baseball,


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