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If the ball hit 1st base when hit and bounces in foul territory is it fair or foul?

by Anthony

Photo Bill Stanton:

Photo Bill Stanton:

Anthony asked: The batter hit the ball and it hit the front of 1st base and bounced into foul territory.

The ball never went past 1st base it stopped a foot on the side of 1st base in foul territory. The call was foul ball.

The umpire said the ball never passed the base.

Is this correct? I was always told if it hits a base it is fair because the base is in fair territory.This is in 11 and 12 year old dixie youth.

Rick answered: Anthony, thank you for your question.

The rule which covers your situation is 2-5-art 1...A fair ball is a batted ball which:

e. touches first, second or third base.

Since all bases are located in fair territory, the ball is fair when it contacts the base, regardless of where it lands.

Yours in baseball,


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