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If a player gets ejected during a play, and was involved in the play to the conclusion what is the umpire's call?

by Gary
(Saginaw, Michigan)

Gary asked: I was watching the Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals game last week. John Lackey was thrown out of the game during a base hit to right field. I've never seen this before.

What if, as Lackey is going to back-up home plate, the ball is overthrown after Lackey was tossed out. Lackey picks up the ball and throws down to second base and gets a guy out.

However, Lackey was ejected before the throw went home. Can an ejected player still be involved in an on-going play?

Rick answered: Gary, thank you for your question.

I didn't see that play, and will need some additional information on what led up to Lackey's ejection.

1. At what point, after Lackey released the pitch that became the base hit to right field, did the umpire signal that Lackey was ejected?

2. What was he ejected for?

3. Was he ejected as the play was evolving?

If you would, please re-submit your question. This one sounds interesting for sure.

Yours in baseball,


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