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If a kid plays in an inning do they have to bat or be in batting lineup?

Anonymous asked: Just curious, if you play an inning do you get to bat or is it okay to play and not bat in a game?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

It is possible that the league you are referring to has a rule as to how player's time is measured with their structure.

In the Little League Rule Book as an example, Mandatory Play rule for 9-10 year old division, Little League, Junior League: Every player on a team roster shall participate in each game for a minimum of three consecutive defensive outs and bat at least one time.

Managers are responsible for fulfilling these requirements.

Failure to meet the mandatory play requirements in this rule is a basis for protest.

If you are not a part of Little League, your league may have a similar rule in effect. You could check with the League president and see if they have a policy.

It is a good rule for this age group. I personally believe the leagues should also require coaches to rotate player positions, so the kids have an opportunity to experience the game from every position.

It all makes for a better player experience, creating versitility in the players, which can only help them as they move through the system.

Yours in baseball,


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