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If a batter has two strikes and gets hit by a pitch why is the batter out if he drops the bat on the ground?

by Burke
(Ohio )

Burke asked: Spring training A's vs Angels top of first last batter 2 strikes 2 outs.

Rick answered: Burke, thank you for your question.

I will need additional information on what happened in this situation to provide you with an accurate answer.

At first look, if the batter was hit, and they called him out, the most likely reason would be the umpires determined that he attempted to swing at the pitch, even though it actually hit him.

Rule 7-2-1

Article 1...A strike is charged to the batter when:

a. a pitch enters any part of the strike zone in flight and is not struck at.

b. a pitch is struck at and missed (even if the pitch touches the batter)

If that isn't what took place in this instance, please re-submit your question with some additional background.

Yours in baseball,


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