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If a ball bounces off your shoe into your glove out?

by Monica
(Coral Springs)

Foul Tip, Or Foul Ball?

Foul Tip, Or Foul Ball?

Monica asked: If the batter hits the ball and it bounces off a catchers shoe and up into his glove, is the batter out?

Rick answered: Monica, thank you for your question.

If the pitch is not a third strike pitch, the batter would not be out, it would just be a foul ball.

If the pitch were to be a third strike pitch, it would then become a foul tip.

Rule 5:09 Making An Out: a)(6.05 Retiring the batter...A batter is out when: (2) A third strike is legally caught by the catcher.

Legally caught means in the catcher's glove before the ball touches the ground. It is not legal if the ball lodges in his clothing or paraphernalia; or it touches the umpire and is caught by the catcher on the rebound.

As your question is worded, I would assume not a third strike, thus it would just be a foul ball.

If it were a third strike, since the ball went from the bat to the catcher's shoe and was caught by the catcher on the rebound in his glove, that would constitute strike three, batter is out.

Yours in baseball,


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