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I throw R-handed but I bat as a L-handed, Am I weird?

by Dio Cesonis
(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Brandon Crawford Giants B-L  T-R

Brandon Crawford Giants B-L T-R

Dio asked: Since I started playing baseball here in Brazil, I chose to bat as a lefty.

(That time, I didn't even know that the left batter box was closer to the first base nor thought about some kind of advantage) and until now, I can't even think about bat as a righty (I tried a lot, since I wanted to be a switch hitter) and I AM right handed.

But, I'm the only one around the team who has this weird habit.

How could I explain that?

Should I stop and retry to bat as a righty?

Thanks in advance.

Rick answered: Dio, thank you for your question.

There is certainly nothing wrong with throwing right handed and batting left.

There is nothing wrong in throwing left handed and batting right.

The deciding factor for players is which side do they feel more comfortable hitting from.

You are correct that batting left handed does put you closer to first base, so that is somewhat of an advantage. However, it is not enough of an advantage if you are not comfortable hitting from that side.

Switch hitting is not an easy thing to accomplish. There are those players that manage to do it successfully; but the numbers are few.

It doubles your batting practice time, as you have to work from both sides. Time becomes a factor, and quite often switch hitters end up short changing themselves from both sides.

If you feel good from the left side, and are having success, that is, you see the ball well, are able to put a good swing on it and hit it hard, that is all you can ask of yourself.

That is essentially the definition of a good at bat.

Whatever happens after the ball leaves the bat is out of your control.

I would be interested in learning a little more about your baseball situation and what is causing you to second guess which side you hit from.

Hitting a baseball is one of the tougher athletic skills to master in all of sports. It takes a high degree of concentration to be a consistent hitter, which requires that a hitter's head be clear of everything except, "see the ball, hit the ball", when they are in the batter's box.

The pictures above are just two examples of players who throw right, bat left. Baseball at all levels is filled with players who are doing just what you are.

If you are physically comfortable and like your swing, concentrate on your mechanics and repetitions from the left side and let your mind work on seeing the baseball.

Good luck as you go forward. Relax and have fun, turn it loose!!!

Yours in baseball,


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Jan 07, 2016
How I became a left handed batter.
by: Anonymous

I am right handed and bat left. I believe that this started when my dad showed me how to chop wood. I was 8 and we lived out in the country and my mother cooked on a wood burning stove. My dad informed me that it was now my job to make sure Mom had enough wood. I had watched my dad swing and he was facing me and at 8 I did not consider he was bringing the ax over his right shoulder but was on my left side. I just started with the ax there and dad never said anything and it went from there. By the time I was 12 I could take a full hard swing and split a penny on the 1st attempt. Later in life I have won many six packs by being challenged. I also just felt natural for me to bat from the left side. "try to split a penny"

Jan 07, 2016
Thank you Rick!
by: Dio Cesonis

As I said, I play here in Brazil, it's a new sport for us and we just have it due the great number of Japanese living here, since there aren't too much people who practice baseball, I didn't meet players like me to talk about the L-batting, even the coach didn't know other players with the same situation.

Anyway, I second guessed about it thinking that my L-batting was wrong and not an innate skill. Even thinking that I were wrong, I kept swinging as a lefty because I could hit pitches just as a lefty... I thought "If I train as I righty I can be better than as a lefty, since I am right-handed!" But I realized: It's not quite so simple.

Reading your text I can say now "I'm an innate lefty batter, even that I'm R-handed"
Now I feel that I'm more confident to train my batting skills: I'm not doing anything wrong.

Thank you very much again, this website is amazing and I'm feel more encouraged to keep playing it with all that I got every time I read a new text.

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