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How to do a forward dive catch?

by John

Lay Yourself Out and Go For It

Lay Yourself Out and Go For It

John asked: I just recently joined my high school BB team.

In the warm up we have to do a forward dive in the turf. Any ideas on how to do it without the stinging of the turf burn on my hands?

Rick answered: John, thank you for your question.

I am not exactly sure if this will cover what you are asking or not. I am assuming the forward dive you are doing in your warm ups is in relation to fielding a sinking line drive.

The photos above will provide you with body positioning for sinking line drives in the outfield, a lateral dive to catch or stop an infield ground ball or line drive to your left or right.

In the outfield, you can also do a figure 4 slide, or pop up slide, like you would do stealing. With this technique, you are sliding into the spot of the catch, which is made off to your glove side. If you click on the link, the paragraph on this technique is down near the bottom of the page, under the heading, Making a Sliding Catch".

The fourth is a headfirst slide into a base. You want to keep your fingers up, as in the picture, so that you do not drive them into the base, which will not move.

Good luck as you go into your season. If this wasn't what you meant, you can resubmit with some additional detail and we'll attempt to get it figured out for you.

Yours in baseball,


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