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how many ways can u score from third base

by henry cruz

Henry asks: How many ways can you score from third base?

Rick answers:

Henry: Thank you for your question on scoring from third base.

There are 25 ways to score from third base, that you cannot score on from second base in the same situation.

If you go to,, you will see the entire list, as well as information on the gentleman I learned them from, Gordie Gillespie. You can also access the page through the nav bar, Mental Game, the link to it is at the bottom of the Mental Game page.

While many of the ways happen only occasionally, the list provides you with a good idea why coaches work so hard to get a runner on third base. One thing for sure, if the runner is not on third base, these 25 opportunities don't happen.

One of those small parts within the game that make it so great.

If you, or anyone else are able to come up with additional ways, let us know. This list makes a terrific activity for players to work at home with their parents or friends. Good way for them to learn subtle nuances of the game.

Yours in baseball,


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