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How many runs score?

by Peter
(San Francisco)

Peter asked: Bases are loaded with two outs. Batter hits a single. How many runs score?

Rick answered: Peter, thank you for your question.

As written, your question needs some additional information to provide an accurate answer for it.

I will work around an extended scenario, which may be where you are headed. If I am off, please re-issue your question and we can go from there.

Based on, bases loaded, two outs, batter hits a single, how many runs score. I would say you are describing your situation for the top or bottom of the last inning, probably of a game that is tied.

If it is the top of the last inning, there is no deinitive number of runs, as it depends solely on where the ball is hit, the base runners and what the defense does with the ball, field it cleanly or bobble it.

If you are in the bottom of the last inning, then only one run would score, as the game ends as soon as the runner from third steps on home plate, and the batter/runner has stepped on first base safely.

At that point the game is officially over, batter gets a recorded single and rbi, runner from third gets a run scored.

It would be the same if the batter hit what would have been a double or triple, at any other point in the game.

Should the batter hit a home run, all runners ahead of the batter runner score, as well as the batter/runner. Batter is also credited with 4 rbi's and a home run.

The game is officially over when the batter steps on home plate.

Hope that gets you to where you wanted to go. If not, please put in another question, adding the additional details.

Yours in baseball,


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