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How many infield singles have there been in the 2015 season?

by Geoff Bullington
(Birmingham, AL USA)

Safe At First

Safe At First

Geoff asked: I play Fantasy Baseball and watch a lot of games and its seems there have been a larger than usual number of infield singles.

Its great for the game because it means guys are hustling but I hate watching my pitcher get undone by the things!

Rick answered: Geoff, thank you for your question.

At this point in the season, the teams are generally the only ones with that particular statistic.

This site, Baseball Reference, may have that statistic broken down after the season is completed.

There could be numerous reasons for an increased number of infield hits, if your feeling is correct.

Infielders tend to play deeper these days, due to stronger arms, harder hit balls off the bat and the defensive theory that they will give up the infield single, for the ability to play deeper, cut balls off in the hole, down the lines and up the middle.

Baseball players on average are undoubtedly somewhat faster than their predecessors. They train year round, rather than go home in the off season and have to work at another job to make ends meet.

All theoretical, no data to base it on.

Probably does raise havoc with your fantasy pitchers.

Yours in baseball,


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