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How many bases on an "overthrow" from the OF

Outfielder Setting Up To Throw

Outfielder Setting Up To Throw

Anonymous asked: Runner at 1B, base hit to CF.

CF tries to throw the runner out at 3B, throws the ball in the dugout.

How many bases does the hitter get?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

Rule 5.06...Running the Bases

Rule 5.06 Advancing Bases (b)(4) G: Two bases when, with no spectators on the field, a thrown ball goes into the stands, or into a bench (whether or not the ball rebounds into the field), or over or under or through a field fence, or on a slanting part of the screen above the backstop, or remains in the meshes of a wire screen protecting spectators.

The ball is dead.

The term bench would be all inclusive for dugouts as well.

Essentially, it is one plus one, on the overthrow into the dugout, or stands.

Yours in baseball,


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