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Hit vs. Error on Bunt left to roll foul/fair

by BradB
(Mckinney, TX)

Brad asked: We had a play in little league this weekend where the catcher let the ball roll hoping it would go foul.

The ball stayed fair and the batter was safe?

How do you score this? A hit? An error on catcher?

Thanks in advance,


Rick answered: Brad, thank you for your question.

Scored as a hit. It would be like any slow roller in the infield that an infielder decided to not make a throw on, as he felt he had no chance.

Sounds like the catcher made the right decision, even though it didn't go foul. Your worst nightmare is that somebody picks it up and rushes a throw, having it go past first base and the runner keeps running.

Better safe than sorry, if you have a doubt.

Yours in baseball,


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