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Hit, SAC or FC ??

It all started like this

It all started like this

Anonymous asked: No outs, runner at 3rd, tie game.

Batter bunts the ball to 1st baseman, runner breaks for home.

Batter runs to 1st but slows up as the 1st baseman fields the ball.

The 1st baseman fields the ball and throws home, runner slides in safe.

The batter takes off running to 1st and is safe , no throw to 1st.

Is this a hit w/RBI, a SAC w/RBI or a FC with no RBI?

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

Section 3 Player Bating Record Art 5...A RBI is credited to the batter when a runner scores because of a base hit, including the batter-runners score on a HR; a sacrifice; any putout, a forced advance, such as for a base on balls or batter being hit; or an error, provided there are not 2 outs and that action is such that the runner on 3B would have scored even if there had been no error.

Section 3 Art 2...A base hit is credited to a batter when he advances to 1B safely;

c. because of a fielder's choice when a fielder attempts to put out another runner but is unsuccessful and the scorer believes the batter-runner would have reached 1B even with perfect fielding.

As your situation plays out, the runner from 3B scored. The batter-runner is safe at 1B.

The 1B opted to make a play on the runner from 3B, which would at first glance makes the at bat a fielder's choice. So, fielder's choice, no rbi.

Should the scorer determine in his/her mind that the batter-runner would have been safe even with perfect fielding, a base hit could be credited, as well as an rbi.

It could also be a sacrifice, with an rbi as well.

It all plays out based on how the scorer on the field reads the action in real time. You would have to see the action to be sure.

Myself, I would score it as a sac bunt with an rbi. Since the batter-runner slowed down it would be hard to determine the criteria for a base hit.

A fielder's choice takes away the hitter's rbi and costs him a time at bat. He got a good bunt down, run scored, he should get the sac w/rbi.

Yours in baseball,


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