The Ole Ball Game

Hit or FC?

by Greg
(Long Island, NY)

Force At Third

Force At Third

Greg asked: Bases loaded, less than two outs.

Pop up to shallow center field. Ball lands cleanly, run scores.

Runner on first advances to second. Batter safe at first.

Because runners were forced to hold because there were less than two outs, center fielder throws to third and gets runner that was on second out on force.

Hit or fielder's choice?

Rick answered: Greg, thank you for your question.

It would go in the book for the hitter as a single, then the runner put out 8-5.

Scorekeepers have some leeway when they make these calls. In this case, I believe they would err on the side of the hitter, as the ball dropped cleanly. No reason to penalize the hitter.

Yours in baseball,


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