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High School Baseball; Intentional pickle to score a run

End Of Rundown

End Of Rundown

Anonymous asked: Hello, how would you correctly score the following situation:

A High School Freshmen Baseball team has base runners on first and third.

The runner on first intentionally gets into a pickle to allow the base runner on third to score.

The base runner on first is tagged out during the run down / pickle. There was no throw to home to try to get the runner that originated at third out.

Is there a rule pertaining to how to score this?

Would it be logged as the base runner on first was picked off and the runner on third advanced home because of defense indifference?

Thanks in advance for the guidance!

Rick answered: Thank you for your question.

In this case, you would have the scoring on the runner from first in the rundown, covering all throws and catches, as well as the final put out.

Say it was an extended lead, pitcher picks, runner takes off for second base, stops in between.

Be; 1-3-6-3. That records the out at first.

The runner from third scores, there is no rbi credited, batter is still at the plate.

You could make a notation that the run scored, with no rbi awarded, so that later you don't have to go back and remember how it all came about.

Yours in baseball,


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