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Has there ever been an inning of professional baseball where not a single official at bat was recorded?

by Pat Templeton
(Manassas, VA)

Pat asked: It might have happened in the top of the last inning in the Phillies-Brewers game on Monday night. Up to that point when the 2nd out was recorded, it was walks, HBP, sacrifices and sac flies. Braun hit sacrifice fly to center, Weeks scored. Betancourt hit sacrifice fly to left, Gomez scored, Fielder to third, McGehee to second.
If after that there had been a pick-off to end the inning, the inning would have included no official plate appearences and 2 runs would have scored.
If it has happened before, the question might be what are the most runs ever scored in an inning where ther were no official at bats.

Rick Answered: Great question Pat.

I have been unable to track down any stats pertaining to it.

My guess is, that after over 170 years of MLB, there have been some. Not sure who might have that information.

The inning you presented was right there in the running. Interesting the way it came together.

Sorry I was unable to locate your information. Possibly some of our readers will see the page and be able to suggest where to look.

Yours in baseball,


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