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Has there been any runs scored by a man on 2nd base on a long fly ball since 2005?

by Angie Wasnich
(Wauseon, Ohio USA)

Angie asked: My husband and I were watching the WS and the Giants had a guy on 2nd and I said "with a long fly ball "he" could score".

My husband said No that he could, nor has it ever been done.

So, I googled it and found your Q&A on this very subject. However, the stats only went up to 2005. I am hoping that you can clear this up for me! Thanks!!!

Angie Wasnich

Rick answered: Angie, thank you for your question.

You are correct. It certainly is possible, given the right circumstances.

This situation generally occurs in stadiums with expansive outfields. It is also helpful to have a fast runner on second base.

An additional factor might be that the outfielder is running away from home plate when he has to dive to make the catch, providing the runner some additional time.

Both the stadium in Detroit and the one in San Francisco lend themselves to this happening.

I have been unable to locate any instances since 2005. The site which I originally found the information on is no longer in existance.

Yours in baseball,


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