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Has a player ever hit the cycle twice in a game?

by Drew Montgomery
(Cincinnati, Ohio )

Photo Bill Stanton:

Photo Bill Stanton:

Drew Asked: Has a player ever got two singles, two doubles, two triples and two home runs, all in one game?

Rick answered: Drew, thank you for your question.

A single, a double, a triple and a homerun. Hit them all in one game and the cycle is complete.

Thus far in MLB, no one has hit for the cycle twice in one game.

There have been 139 players hit for the cycle in the National League. Ten of those hit for it twice in their career. One hit for it three times.

In the American League, there have been 115 players hit for it once. Nine hit for it twice, and one hit for it 3 times.

Interestingly, Babe ruth, one of the most notable hitters of all time, never hit for the cycle in his 22 MLB seasons, from 1914 -1935. While a tremendous power hitter, his foot speed was somewhat limited.

Of the four hits needed, the triple is notably the toughest to get. Along with hitting the ball a long way, it must remain in the park and the hitter must have some good foot speed to get all the way to third base.

Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth's teammate with the Yankees hit for the cycle twice, once in 1934 and again in 1937.

Joe Dimaggio hit for it twice , once in 1937 and again in 1948.

Exciting when it happens. Quite often set up when a hitter picks up a triple in one of their first two at bats. That accomplished, the odds that the player might be able to collect the other hits go up quickly.

Yours in baseball,


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Oct 22, 2019
Double-cycle NEW
by: Anonymous

A player would have to come to bat 8 times to achiever a double-cycle.......which would be another feat altogether.

Aug 03, 2015
natural cycle
by: Anonymous

Bill Collins was the first to hit for the natural cycle, in 1910.

Apr 19, 2012
Chronological list of hit for cycle in natural order.
by: Rick - theoleballgame

John Mabry did indeed hit for the cycle and it was one done in the natural order of single, double, triple, homerun.

Currently there are 14 members of this MLB club:

1. Bill Collins Boston, October 1910

2. Bob Fothergill Detroit September 1926

3. Tony Lazzeri Yankees June 1932

4. Charlie Gehringer Detroit May 1939

5. Leo Culberson Boston July 1943

6. Jim Hickman Mets August 1963

7. Ken Boyer Cardinals June 1964

8. Billy Williams Cubs July 1966

9. Tim Foli Expos April 1976

10. Bob Watson Red Sox September 1979

11. John Mabry Cardinals May 1996

12. Jose Valentin White Sox April 2000

13. Brad Wilkerson Expos June 2003

14. Gary Mathews Jr Rangers August 2006

Unusual event, to have just 14 recorded in the 170 plus years of baseball's existance.

Yours in baseball,


Apr 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

If I remember correctly John Mabry of the St Louis Cardinals was the first person to hit for they cycle in order single , double, triple ,homerun. Is this correct?

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