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First Third Throw Shortstop ~ Shut Em Down With Confidence!

First third throw shortstop play is designed to provide an overall look at the various player responsibilities required in these situations.

Within the pages there are situational tips to help your double steal defense run smoothly.

In this play, the defense is looking to take advantage of an overly aggressive runner at 3B.

Catcher Fake

first third throw shortstop

  • P: Deliver pitch, backup home plate.

  • C: Catch pitch, throw to shortstop coming in to grass.

  • 1B: Hold runner on, wait and see if a rundown develops, if so backup home plate.

  • 2B: Cover second base.

  • SS: Run straight at catcher, catch ball and throw home if runner is going. If not, fake or deke the throw, whirl and see if you can pick runner at 2B.

  • 3B: Cover 3B, yell "runner" if he goes.

  • LF: Backup shortstop.

  • CF: Backup shortstop.

  • RF: Backup 2B.

First Third Double Steal Tips ~ From the Dugout

first third double steal tips ~ from the dugout


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