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First Third Second Base Cut ~ Shut Em Down With Confidence!

First third second base cut play is designed to provide an overall look at the various player responsibilities required in these situations.

Within the pages there are situational tips to help your double steal defense run smoothly.

In this play, the defense is providing itself the ability to cut the catcher's throw and get the out at home, or let it go through.

Second Base Cut

second base cut

  • P: Deliver pitch.

  • C: Looks at 3B runner to freeze as he throws to 2B.

  • 1B: Hold runner on.

  • 2B: Come in front of base on grass cut, if runner from 3B goes, cut ball off and throw to home.

  • SS: Cover 2B.

  • 3B: Cover 3B. If runner goes, yell "runner" to alert the infield.

  • LF: Backup 3B.

  • CF: Backup 2B.

  • RF: Backup 1B.

First Third Double Steal Tips ~ From the Dugout

first third double steal tips ~ from the dugout

  • If the throw from the catcher is high or low, the 2B should let it go through and try for the out at second.

  • Catcher must freeze runner at 3B with a look to give the 2B a chance.

  • 2B may need to cheat a step or two towards the second base bag, so that he gets to the cutoff position on time. The goal is to get there and be moving towards home plate and into the throw, not diagonally across.

  • great position to make the catch and tagThe SS must be in a good athletic position and be ready to make a tag on this play. If he is standing upright, most balls will end up in center field.

  • Without Challenge There Is No Achievement

    Double Steal Diagrams

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