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Fielders choice or base hit ?

by Dave
(New Hampshire)

Dave asked: There are no outs and a runner on first base.

Runner is stealing 2nd base on the pitch when the batter hits a high shallow fly to right field.

After reaching(touching) 2nd base the runner starts to retreat to first base thinking the ball might be caught.

The ball drops in for hit, but the right fielder immediately throws the ball to 2nd base, where the ss catches the ball and tags the bag before the runner can get there.

1. Does the runner have to be tagged out since he has already touched 2nd base or is this a force out ?

2. Is the batter credited with a hit or a fielders choice ?

Rick answered: Dave, thank you for your question.

The runner can still be forced out at 2b. While he had reached second base, he vacated the base attempting to return to the base he came from. The force would still be in effect.

The batter gets scored as a Fielder's Choice. Official scorers cannot credit a base hit when a runner is forced out by a batted ball.

Yours in baseball,


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