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Fastest base running?

by Steve

Walking lead at third base

Walking lead at third base

Steve asked: If two guys are of equal speed, who is quicker getting from third to home - the guy on third who starts from a dead stop, or the guy on second who has to make the big corner on third running flat out?

Rick answered: Steve, thank you for your question.

I am making the assumption that you mean the amount of time it takes for the runner on second to get from third base to the plate, not from his starting position at second.

While that runner is going at full speed, he still has to cover that 90 feet, while the runner who was at third base had the distance advantage of his lead.

If the runner at third has taken a solid walking lead, as in the picture above, he would be moving toward the plate at the time the ball was hit. With the lesser distance to cover, he sould easily get to the plate faster than the player who starts from second.

Hopefully I interpreted your question correctly. If not, please let me know and I we'll take another shot at it.

Yours in baseball,


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