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fair or foul

by tony

Chase Field

Chase Field

Tony asked: Ball hit down first base line hit fair.

First baseman standing in fair ground, ball is caught going foul but before it hits foul.

Is the runner out when they touch first base?

Rick answered: Tony, thank you for your question.

The rule covering your question is Rule 2- section 16 Foul, Foul Tip

Art 1...A foul is a batted ball:

a. which settles on foul territory between home and first base or between home and third base; or

b. that bounds past first or third base on or over foul territory; or

c. that first falls on foul territory beyond first or third base; or

d. that, while on or over foul territory, touches the person of an umpire or a player or any object foreign to the natural ground; or

e. that touches the ground after inadvertently being declared foul by an umpire.

In your scenario, once the batted ball hit fair, and was caught by the first baseman before it could hit in foul territory, it is still fair and live.

Runner is out, if the defense gets to and touches first base before the runner does.

Yours in baseball,


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