The Ole Ball Game

Extra Bases Right Field

In this double cutoff, extra bases right, no runners on, each player has a specific assignment within the situation.

  • P: Back up 3B

  • C: Stay at Plate

  • 1B: Trail runner to 2B - If the play looks to be at home, move into the infield grass as the cutoff

  • 2B: First out on cutoff

  • SS: Second out on cutoff

  • 3B: Cover 3B

  • LF: Come in to infield

  • CF: Move towards RF

  • RF: Chase down ball, make a strong throw "through" the cutoff to 3B

Double Cutoff Tips ~ From the Dugout

double cutoff tips ~ from the dugout

  • With younger players it works well to have the lead relay keep going out, until the outfielder picks up the ball.
  • With high school players, have them adjust their depth based on the strength of that outfielders arm.

    You ideally want your strongest arm, making the longest throw.

The Right Results Come From The Right Approach

Double Cutoff Diagrams

return from extra bases right to the ole

Baseball on green grass


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