The Ole Ball Game

Double Cutoff,Extra Bases Center Field ~ Speed Is Of The Essence Here As Throws Are Longer!

extra bases, centerfield, no runner on

In this double cutoff, extra bases center, no runners on, each player has a specific assignment within the situation.

  • P: Back up 3b

  • C: Stay at home plate

  • 1B: Trail runner to 2B

  • 2B: Second out on cutoff

  • SS: First out on cutoff

  • 3B: Cover 3B

  • LF: Back up 3B

  • RF: Back up 2B

  • CF: Chase down ball, make a strong throw "through" the cutoff to 3B

  • Coaches Note: In this situation, if the ball goes to the gap in right center, the SS and 2B switch relay positions.
  • In many seasons, I have kept the SS in the lead for everything from the LF foul line through the gap in right center, due to the big difference in arm strength between my SS and 2B at the time.

    Double Cutoff Tips ~ From the Dugout

    double cutoff tips ~ from the dugout


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