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Error on tag up?

by Jim

Jim asked: Runner at 1st, one out, fly ball to center field, caught, but runner has advanced too far toward second.

Center fielder throws to first, ball arrives before runner, so runner should be forced out, BUT first baseman fails to catch the ball.

Is this an error?

Rick answered: Jim, thank you for your question.

Rule 9-5-5 Art 5...An error is charged against a fielder or a team for each misplay that prolongs the time at bat of the batter or the time a player continues to be a runner, or permits the runner to advance one or more bases.

Exceptions: 3. Neither the catcher nor infielder is charged with an error for a wild throw in an attempt to complete a double play, unless the throw is so wild it permits a runner to advance an additional base.

But if a player drops a thrown ball, when by holding it he would have completed the double(or triple) play, it is an error.

Since there was one out when the fly ball was hit, out number two was the catch. Had the first baseman held on, it would have completed the double play.

Error to the first baseman.

Yours in baseball,


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