The Ole Ball Game

Drop stoke on stoke three

by Michael
(Warren mi)

Ruling On Dropped Third Strike

Ruling On Dropped Third Strike

Michael asked: The batter strikes out and catcher drops ball.

The batter run eight step to dugout on goes in .
Then take off for first.

Is the ball live, is he out?

Rick answered: Michael, thank you for your question.

Rule 8-4 Section 4 Runner is Out:

Art 1...The batter-runner is out when:

(i) on a dropped third strike, he gives up entering the bench or dugout area, or with 2 outs, he does not attempt to reach first base before all infielders leave the diamond at the end of the half inning.

In the situation you described, the batter-runner was out when he entered the dugout area.

Yours in baseball,


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