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Does the MLB have any rules/regulations against helmet/cap radios?

by Jim
(Phoenix, AZ)

Jim asked: In the NFL, the quarterback and one other offensive player can have a radio receiver in their helmets to get plays called/radio-ed from the sidelines.

I know the batting helmet provides a better opportunity to have a receiver in it than a cap. As such, it would seem an obvious improvement (and timesaver) to have a receiver in the helmet than to have a batter continually stepping 'out' of the box after each pitch and looking over to the third base coach for signs as to what the coach wants him to do.

And it's the same 'argument' for any base runner, especially first base where it also seems that the first base coach and any runner on first base always have a 'conference' after each pitch.

In short, does the MLB have any rules/regulations preventing the use of radios & receivers in a way similar to how the NFL uses them?

Also, how would you feel about receivers in batting helmets?

Rick answered: Jim, thank you for your question.

I have been unable to locate any information or rule related to microphones in batting helmets.

Since there is no mention of it, at this point in time, I assume it is a non-issue with MLB.

There is an entire structure and history built around the giving and receiving of signals, both offensive and defensive in baseball.

You never want to say never but; the signals and systems teams develop to deliver those signals are a mainstay of the game.

For me, I like that part of the game. There are many additional areas they could look at to reduce game times that are not historic game landmarks. One of those is the time between pitches it takes for pitchers to deliver the next pitch, batter time frames and the time teams take to get on and off the field.

Yours in baseball,


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